craft beer in rockford ilUpdated 1/27/17

Rudy’s Rasp: 5.2% abv, Our raspberry golden ale with a touch of wheat.

Flap Jacks: 4.3% abv, A maple porter brewed with 6 different roasted malts.

Always the Hardway: 8.2% abv, Our Double IPA brewed with Zythos and Falconer’s Flight hops.

South Bitch Slap: 5.2% abv, Our staple American / Irish Red.  Sweet, malty greatness.

Vanilla Bitch Slap: 5.2% abv, Our beloved Southy Bitch Slap, but aged and blended with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

Crazy Crush: 6.8% abv, A grassy IPA, with huge citrus and earth notes.  Hopped with Falconers Flight 7 C’s.

Sweep the Leg: 7.5% abv, A West Coast IPA brewed with Simcoe and Citra hops for all the Hop Heads.  Pucker up!

Always the Hard Way: 8.4% abv, Our Double IPA brewed with Zythos & Falconers Flight hops.

I against I: 6.0% abv, A hoppy red ale brewed with 6 different malts.  Hop additions are late in the boil. 40 IBU’s makes for a hoppy red.

Joe Daddy: 8.5% abv, Our take on a Coffee Stout!  2 Gallons of Molasses, 100 LBS. of Brown Sugar and 5 LBS. of Guatemalan Coffee roasted locally at Jadabug Roasters.


We occasionally have 1 to 2 Guest Craft Beers on tap from breweries across the country.  See brewpub for the latest selections.



Cherry Pippins: 8.2% abv, Amber Ale brewed with coca powder, blended with organic white Napa peaches, aged on 80lbs sour cherries.

Oak & Cherries: 8.0% abv, A Barrel aged Amber Spring Ale, aged for 1 yr. in 14 yr. old Heaven Hill barrels.  Blended and aged on tart cherries.

Monchhichi Throw Down: 5.3% abv, Mexican Lager, a collaboration with our friends from Chicago’s KAISER TIGER.  Brewed with corn and lime zest.

Keep on Swinging: 6.3% abv, A Belgium brown ale, brewed with Bastogne yeast and roasted malts.  This estery treat will bring a smile to one’s wintery travels.

ManBoobs: 8.2 abv, A Two Fisted IIPA with robust floral & melon characteristics from Zythos and Amarillo hops. This voluptuous beer is a Handful at 8.2% abv and over 100 IBU’s.

1017 Oatmeal Porter: 5.9% abv, Comprised of toasted oats, roasted barley, black malt, and maris otter. Cheers from the brew team on this one!

Always The Hard Way: 8.7% abv, This double IPA packs a punch in the flavor and aroma hops. Falconer’s Flight 7c’s, Zythos, and Citra hops pack the alpha! Named after a song by one of our favorite hardcore bands, TERROR.

Fall for Revenge: 6.0% abv, This our new fall creation. Brewed with cinnamon, coca powder, and aged on sour cherries. Makes for a tasty brew!

Darth Vorter: 6.9% abv, Our take on a Vanilla Porter. Brewed with roasted barley, 2 row, kiln coffee malt, then aged on vanilla beans.

The Director: 5.9% abv, A Fresh Cone Harvest Pale Ale brewed with 2 Row, Rye malt, Zythos Hops then dry hopped with fresh Cascade, Zeus, whole cone nugget hops from our friends at Backyard Hop Farm in Freeport, IL.

Briieekraut: 5.4% abv, An Oktoberfest German style Lager, brewed with Vinnia, Munich, caramel 80, Kiln Amber and Maris Otter malts, Cryhavok yeast and Cluster hops.

I Troll: 8.6% abv, A Double IPA brewed with lots of caramel malt and 100 balanced IBU’s. Making for a sneaky and hoppy surprise! BOOM!

Eagle Eye: 5.2 abv, An American Wheat aged on sweet orange peel.  Beer brewed for 96.7 the Eagle in celebration of their 10th anniversary.

We Blame Justin: 5.6% abv, Amber Ale.  Our take on this years Illinois Craft Brewers Guild’s ReplicALE. Brewed with Pilsen Malt, Caramel 80L, and centennial hops this ale is a great representation of Pig Minds Brewing Co.

Young Grist Hopper: 7.0% abv, A Belgian IPA brewed with Zythos Amarillo, and Cenntenial hops. The contrast between yeast in hops makes for a great ride on the mouth!

Office Sow: 6.0% abv, Belgian Sasion brewed with Apricots. Light in SRM, this beer brings you in for a nice summer taste.

Farm Off: 6.8% abv, Belgian Golden Farmhouse.

Crazy Bitch: 10.7% abv: Experimental Belgian Ale, a spin off of our beloved “Southy Bitch Slap”.  Brewed with an Omega English: High Gravity yeast combined with our Bitch Slap malt bill then aged on Madagascar vanilla beans makes for an interesting ester experience.

Briiees Baby: 6.8% abvArdennes yeast makes this roasted beer a bomb of Belgium greatness. We constructed this beer to make for a supreme Belgian  experience!

Satchel: 3.5% abv, A grapefruit-infused German biking ale. Brewed with citra hops and traditional Canadian malt.

Farm On: 6.9% abv, Belgian Farmhouse Ale.  This Belgian Farmhouse Ale is offerin fruit notes comprised from BSI Yeast bleands of 4 different Belgian Farmhouse/Saison, strains, accompanied by a French Bier De Guard strain.  This yeast was a workhorse giving “FarmOn” a wonderful malt extraction to make for a pretty summer buzz!

Moments of Clarity: 6.8% abv, A Hoppy Amber Ale. This beer was brewed with Bonlander, Rye, Victory and roasted barley malts. Cascade and Galena hops give this bad boy 80 IBUs of sweet bitterness.  A beer hop lovers will surely enjoy.

King of Pigs: 8.5% abv, Imperial Stout.

Old Man Witthers: 9.8% abv, English Srong Ale.

Mellifluous: 7.0% abv, A Belgian Ale with a medley of flavors brewed with Maris Otter malts, lemon rinds, cinnamon, coriander and aged on sweet orange peel. This beer was brewed with the intentions of being released as an early spring beer. Ha!

Death Grip: 5.6% abv, An American IPA brewed with Maris Otter malt and Centinnial and Citra Hops.  This beer is brewed for the IBU enthusiasts!

Phil-Up: 6.0% abv, A Brown Ale brewed with the perfect amount of smooth and bold Maris Otter and Black Patent malts, with distinct notes of coffee and toffee to the nose.

Fresh Love: 6.1%: An American IPA, brewed with all Centennial Hops and then Dry Hopped with 7lbs. of Fresh Cone Cascade Hops from our friends at Backyard Hop Farm in Freeport, IL. ABV. over 80 IBU’s.

Vanilla Bitch Slap: 5.5% abv, This Bitch is our traditionally brewed Southy Bitch Slap conditioned with madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

Fightn’ Whitey: 5.5% abv, English malt bill with an american hop addition.  Pearl, Centennial and Cascade hops make for an awesome Collaboration between Pig Minds and Thirsty Soul Brewing Co.

Abbygail: 5.7% abv, Traditional Belgian Ale. with 100% drinkability.

Built To Last: 8.2% abv, A Double IPA brewed with Zyhtos hops,.dry hopped with Citra and Galena. Hints of Mangos and Grapefruit..

Oktoberfest: 6.0% abv, A Marzen Style Lager brewed with Vienna, Munich and Maris Otter Malts. Lagerd to taste!

Say!Son!: 6.0% abv, A Belgian Saison with a little spice. A very refreshing summers day beer.

Blake Hoffman: 6.0% abv, An American Wheat with Cascade Hops and Sweet Orange Peel.

Sweep the Leg: 5.9% abv, West Coast IPA brewed with Galena, Simcoe and Citra Hops for all the Hop Heads.  Pucker Up!

Meredith Road: 5.8% abv, An Ale brewed with Sour Cherries and Guajillo Peppers and aged on White Oak.

Mother Superior: 5.1% abv, An American Porter, brewed with Robust Roasted Chocolate Malts with a hint of Coffee.

Crazy Eyes IPA: 7.0% abv, A medium bodied I.P.A. brewed with Simcoe, Galena and Citra Hops.

Built to Last IIPA: 8.2% abv, Brewed with Zythos hops, and dry hopped with Citra and Galena.

The Killer: 6.5% abv, American IPA.

Vanilla Brown Eye: 5.9% abv, A light Brown Ale brewed with pure vanilla.

Half a Person: 5.9% abv, Citrus, Piny, Caramel, Bitter! IPA drinkers unite!

Heart & Soul: 6.2% abv, A medium bodied Citra IPA, bittered with Simcoe and finished with Citra.  Dry Hopped with Citra.

Friends, Family, Forever: 6.0% abv, A Belgian Pale Ale, Brewed with Trappist yeast with a nice hop addition.  Simcoe dry hopped.

Flynn Chocolate Irish Dry Stout: 5.8% abv, Roasted malts aged with 30 lbs of Cocoa Nibs making for a constant change of flavor.

Life of Brian: 5.8% abv, American Porter.

No Regrets: 8.5% abv, Imperial IPA.

Fuzzy Nuts & Bolts: 6.5% abv, Brown Ale brewed with Pecans and Napa Valley white peaches.

PD California Ale: 6.2% abv, A California style golden ale fermented with Blueberry Juice.

Boats & Hoes: 7.9% abv, Chocolate, Vanilla, Bourbon experimental ale.

Flame Thrower: 9.0% abv, Belgian Trappist brewed with Raisins and Caramel.

The Rated: 12.2% abv, A Double IPA brewed with Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade Hops

Shitz & Gigs: 6.8% abv, Brown Ale.

Reign Supreme: 7.5% abv, IPA.

Coffee Express: 5.4% abv, Stout brewed with U.K. Coffee Malt.

Hopcore APA: 6.5% abv, Apricot infused with a variety of American Hops to give it a bit of Hophoric Danger.

Southy Bitch Slap: 5.5% abv, A fairly authentic Irish Red, brewed for the American Irish, like our brewer Carson.

Smokey Scott: 6.9% abv, Scottish Ale.

Special Smokey Scott: 9.0% abv, Bourbon enhanced Scottish Ale.

Beer Geek: 7.5% abv, American IPA.

Something Dramatic: 5.5% abv, A Stout featuring hints of raspberry, chocolate and coffee.

Randy’s Basement: (experimental) 8.0% abv, Bourbon, vanilla stout aged on oak.

Blue Collar: 6.2% abv, California Ale for the working class!

Ester the Wild Bitch: 7.3% abv, A variation of our Irish Red, brewed with a little craziness.

For the Love of…: 6.0 abv, An American IPA with Simcoe Hops, then dry hopped with Amarillo’s

American Hardcore: 6.7% abv, An American Wheat.

Praying Mantis: 5.8% abv, Roasted Poblano Oatmeal Stout.

Dooz-It: 8.9% abv, Imperial Stout.

Yelp’s Pig Slop of the “Boar”: 9.0% abv, Raspberry Belgian Style Ale, aged in Jack Daniels Barrels.

Yelp’s Pig Slop of the “Sow”: 9.0% abv, Strawberry Belgian Style Ale, aged in Jack Daniels Barrels.