craft beer in rockford ilUpdated 4/20/18

Oaty O’stoutterson: 4.9% abv, A smooth Irish stout brewed with oats.

Flap Jacks: 4.8% abv,  Our maple porter, brewed with roasted malts, fermented with London ale yeast.

Blue Collar: 5.5% abv, As clean, sessionable golden ale brewed for the working Class.

Phil-Up: 5.0% abv,  A roasty, toasty American brown ale named after our good buddy Phillip!

Hefe Hunter: 4.8% abv,  Our Hefeweizen is brewed with white wheat, Superior Pilz, Munich Malt and fermented with Weinhenstephan yeast.

Death Grip: 7.6% abv, The beloved sister to Sweep the Leg is back!  Brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Falconers Flight 7C’s .

Phil Up: 5.0%abv, A roasty, toasty American brown ale.

Rudy’s Rasp:   5.2%abv,  Our Raspberry Golden ale brewed with a touch of wheat.

Sweep the Leg: 7.5% abv, West Coast IPA brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops.

Vanilla Bitch Slap: 5.2% abv, Our beloved Southy Bitch Slap infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans!

A flight of all 10 of our selections is available – $15


Menu may vary from current options.  See brewpub for the latest selections.