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Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!

Craft Beer in Rockford, IL Breweries and Terms

Feb 23, 2021 | Blog Posts, Craft Beer in Rockford IL

A craft brewery or microbrewery is often a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, normally less than significant breweries, and is generally independently owned. Such breweries are normally perceived and marketed as emphasizing enthusiasm, new flavors, and varied brewing strategies. Craft beer in Rockford, IL is frequently produced with regular ingredients like malted barley; interesting and, at times, non-traditional components are generally added for distinctiveness. Craft brewers often are very involved in their communities by way of philanthropy, product donations, volunteerism, and sponsorship of events.

The Move From “Micro” to “Craft”

Several years ago, people spoke much less about “craft” breweries and opted for microbreweries. This term was meant to distinguish the little scale brewers from “macro” brewers, like Anheuser-Busch and Miller. Majoring the way in the micro revolution were two brewers, Boston Beer Company, which makes Sam Adams – and the Sierra Nevada. Both breweries have been several of the earliest adopters in craft brewing hallmarks and succeeded regardless of their modest production scale.

Nonetheless, as their renown grew, so did their breweries. Despite brewing beer with all the same amount of care, they had been generating an excessive amount of craft beer in Rockford, IL, to be regarded as micro definitely. Drinkers who were content to determine these brewers and other people succeed, though also continuing to adhere to highest-quality brewing principles, decided to adopt the title “craft brewer.” Sam Adams and the Sierra Nevada might nevertheless be under the six million barrels sold per year threshold, but they’re pushing the limits. But beer fans haven’t soured on their fantastic brews. In truth, many beer authorities count on the definition of a craft brewery to change as quickly as Boston Beer Co. breaks the six million barrel threshold, provided that it does so independently whilst sustaining the same high quality.

“Nano” Brewers Respond

Not everyone is delighted with the sliding scale of craft brewing. For some, the ability to help keep beers locally focused and production compact is definitely a vital aspect of the craft brewing mentality. Certain, Sam Adams could be a superb beer to drink, but it is no longer playing the same function in beer-drinking culture, quite a few argue. As a result, so-called nano breweries have begun to draw attention. Although there is no rigid definition of how modest they have to be, nano breweries commonly only brew 1 batch at a time, and they do not have distribution beyond regional markets. Most of their sales come from either a brew-pub or on-site beer sales, which means you have got to go exactly where the beer is created to drink or obtain it.

Whilst experimentation is actually a hallmark of craft beer in Rockford IL, and the nano brewing method amplifies creativity. Strange ingredients that may be tough to supply in larger scales may be employed to create entirely new flavors. Huge beers – which are intentionally higher in alcohol and call for much more malt – are well-known amongst nano brewers, despite their profit margins being slimmer.