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Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


We are a Brew Pub located in Machesney Park, IL (next to Rockford) specializing in handcrafted ales in a variety of styles. In our 5th year of existence, we proudly boast being America's first and only vegan brewery! Showcasing a solid line up of core brews such as Southy Bitch Slap, Sweep the Leg and Happidaze. Along with delicious seasonal varieties and heavy hitters from our barrel aged beer program. We have flights so you can try them all, pints so you can enjoy your favorites and take a growler or bombers home with you. Our menu is 100% plant-based featuring a wide variety of house-made appetizers, tacos, flat bread, sandwiches, desserts and weekend specials.

Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia -- and we never charge a cover!

Why Go to Vegetarian Restaurants in Rockford?

Feb 11, 2021 | Blog Posts, Vegetarian Restaurants in Rockford

When someone decides to stick to a meat-free eating plan, they generally grow to be much more active in making overall healthier choices. Quite a few studies agree that a vegetarian diet can provide an array of overall health added benefits. Research shows that a vegan or vegetarian eating plan may lower the danger of cardiovascular disease and several cancer forms. Eating vegetarian is your right, and you may exercise anywhere. In most places, you may apparently go to vegetarian restaurants in Rockford with a good deal.

Consuming vegetarian food is your choice. When you are a vegetarian, and in Rockford, you choose to eat at pure vegetarian restaurants in Rockford. You can anticipate the restaurants to serve vegetarian dishes, and you will discover that the food is extraordinarily high-quality.

What is the Definition of Vegetarianism?

One of the most simple definitions is a meal free of meat, fish, and fowl meat. However, consumption pattern changes widely for vegetarians. You’ll find the Lacto-Ovo vegetarians on one particular side who fully avoid eating meat but are just not averse to consuming eggs and dairy products like milk and yogurt, and curd. On the other side, vegans totally reject all animal primarily based solutions such as egg and honey. The raw vegetarian eaters will consume only raw fruits, sprouts, vegetables, legumes, and nuts.

Factors Why People Become Vegetarians?

The majority of people, including Alec Baldwin and Paul McCartney of Beatles, look at vegetarianism as healthier and enable individuals to live ethically. The cruel practices of rearing cattle and slaughtering them later for meat are the most important explanation for not eating meat. Secondly, raising cattle is accomplished at a higher cost from the environment; therefore, individuals who appreciate green-living keep away from eating meat. In a 2013 Gallop poll, only 10% of people in America were discovered to be pure vegans.

What Do You Gain By Eating At A Pure Vegetarian Restaurant?

The pure vegetarian restaurants in Rockford are established to cater to this sect of people. The menu served there comprises vegetables, fruits, organic beverages, milk, yogurt, wholegrain bread, and cooked in low-fat oil that can be organically pressed. By consuming in the restaurant, you create a taste for pure vegetarian food and cultivate an eating habit that can be easily digestible and full of nutrition. The majority of your physicians will agree that a low-fat diet is available in only fruits, vegetables, and nuts but high in nutrition. You will be getting by eating in the pure vegetarian restaurant and protecting against health issues linked with a high-fat meat diet program.

Health Advantages of Being a Vegetarian

You will find evidence that cutting down the consumption of red meat is likely to lower heart-relevant ailments and folks from having type two diabetes. By eating vegetarian meals with high fiber, you importantly maintain your digestive system at healthy levels as they don’t need to work overtime to digest higher fat meat food items. By eating vegetarian food, you also reduce high blood pressure levels and glucose levels and preserve the appropriate BMI or Body Mass Index.

There is an all-around improvement in wellness in the event you eat vegetarian meals. The habit has to be maintained even when you eat out and how the vegetarian restaurants in Rockford step in. Here you can dine at the restaurant or order a takeaway menu that you might consume at any time. Either way, it’ll be a vegetarian delight practical experience that may not be identified anywhere else inside the world.