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Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend — and we never charge a cover!

How Does Craft Beer in Rockford IL Taste?

Aug 4, 2022 | Blog Posts, Craft Beer in Rockford IL

‘Craft beer’ is usually a term that gets bandied about on beer labels and menus everywhere. But what actually tends to make a beer a craft beer?

Normally applied incorrectly, the term craft beer most normally refers to a beer that has been brewed by a small-scale, independent brewery that produces only a little output annually. Usually speaking, when we speak about craft beers, we’re referring to beers brewed by independently owned breweries that happen to be not a part of (or quietly owned by) a big corporation. It’s been created by a brewery in which ‘craftsmanship’ is essential.


How do I decide on a craft beer?

For starters, beers are categorized by three types of yeast. The two most typical are ale yeast (a top-fermenting yeast that works best at warm temperatures) and lager yeast, which ferments around the bottom at lower temperatures. The third makes use of a spontaneous yeast in the environment to create sour and wild beers.

What does that mean for you? The yeast impacts the overall flavor of your beer. Lagers-like Mexican beers, American pale beers, pilsners, and German bocks are typically effortless to drink with light and crisp flavors. Ales, alternatively, are denser and lean towards higher alcohol contents. You will discover a wide number of ales, from hoppy IPAs to dense, dark porters and stouts, so it’s hard to make common statements about their flavor.


How does craft beer taste?

The taste of craft beer in Rockford IL is so diverse and varied that there is absolutely no one answer to that query. Craft beer is usually much more aromatic and much more intense in taste than a “simple” industrial beer, but not normally.

Craft beer might be an IPA, but additionally a lager or any other kind of beer for that matter. It is dependent upon how and with what intention a beer is brewed to describe it as “craft beer.” Any person who claims “I don’t like craft beer” should have tried just about every craft beer on the planet and not liked it. Prejudices typically stand in the way of classic beer fans in regard to craft beer. But trying is better than studying! We recommend tasting some different craft beers and forming your personal opinion.


How do you drink craft beer in Rockford IL?

Craft beer in Rockford IL is intended to become adequately tasted and enjoyed. They’re not “downed” or “chugged”. Having said that, the prevalence of “session IPAs” inside the craft beer scene is usually misleading to this. Comparable to wine, it really is more about discovering and appreciating the person number of aromas inside a beer. The temperature also plays a part right here; the colder the beer, the much less the aromas can create.

Tasting glasses are generally applied for drinking. Theoretically, there is a glass for each and every beer style, but a tulip-shaped (wine) glass may be applied for many.

Another major trend will be to combine the correct craft beer in Rockford IL, with all the right snacks. An IPA fits, for instance, exceptionally properly with spicy food or maybe a pepperoni pizza; a sour beer goes well with fish or salad (similar to white) along with a roasted Stout goes wonderful having a chocolaty dessert. We’ve got beer and food pairings to begin you off, but we advocate getting a go and locating your personal favorite combinations. Half the fun is exploring and trying this for yourself!