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Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia
— and we never charge a cover!


We are a Brew Pub located in Machesney Park, IL (next to Rockford) specializing in handcrafted ales in a variety of styles. In our 5th year of existence, we proudly boast being America's first and only vegan brewery! Showcasing a solid line up of core brews such as Southy Bitch Slap, Sweep the Leg and Happidaze. Along with delicious seasonal varieties and heavy hitters from our barrel aged beer program. We have flights so you can try them all, pints so you can enjoy your favorites and take a growler or bombers home with you. Our menu is 100% plant-based featuring a wide variety of house-made appetizers, tacos, flat bread, sandwiches, desserts and weekend specials.

Check out our events, we have live music every weekend, comedy acts and trivia -- and we never charge a cover!

Production of Craft Beer in Rockford, IL

Jan 22, 2021 | Blog Posts, Craft Beer in Rockford IL

It’s basically tough to define craft beer. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of craft beer is “beer created applying conventional procedures in smaller, independent breweries, but most breweries that we would now consider to become well-established even started that way. You can find no strict criteria for making a craft beer crafty, but you will find some loose guidelines. The criteria fall beneath; size, independence, taste, and high quality, but even vague and variable. A definition is possibly not even needed: craft beers are straight away recognizable by their taste and appearance. The craft beer revolution lives inside the heart of the beer drinker, and that’s where the battle has long been fought!

How is Craft Beer Produced?

In Rockford, craft beer combines each of the usual suspects for brewing, water, yeast, malt, and hops. They are the crucial ingredients for just about all beer brewing, craft, or otherwise. The issue that sets craft beer apart is the artisanal and generally rare ingredients applied and regular, smaller-scale production approaches. Craft brewers usually pride themselves on their passion, integrity, and painstaking commitment. Craft brewers invest loads of time and work, enjoy, and consideration to create the artisanal beers we know as a craft. Craft beer focuses much more on flavors and nuances and normally features a greater alcohol content than a typical beer. Generating craft beer is actually a method that’s additional delicate than the mass production of beer. The brewers of craft beers in Rockford, IL can acquire a lot more flavor into the beer, providing the space for higher alcohol content.

How Does Craft Beer in Rockford, IL Taste?

The taste of craft beer is so diverse and varied that there’s nobody answer to that question. Craft beer in Rockford IL, is often additional aromatic and much more intense in taste than a “simple” industrial beer, but not generally. Craft beer can be an IPA, but also a lager or any other beer style for that matter. It will depend on how and with what intention a beer is brewed to describe it as “craft beer”. Anyone who claims “I never like craft beer” must have tried each craft beer on the planet and not liked it. Prejudices frequently stand in the way of classic beer fans when it comes to craft beer. But trying is superior to studying! We advocate tasting a couple of unique craft beers and forming your own personal opinion.

How Do You Drink Craft Beer in Rockford, IL?

Craft beer is intended to be correctly tasted and enjoyed. They are not “downed” or “chugged”. However, the prevalence of “session IPAs” within the craft beer scene could be misleading. Comparable to wine, it really is a lot more about discovering and appreciating the individual wide variety of aromas within a beer. The temperature also plays a part right here; the colder the beer, the significantly less the aromas can develop. Tasting glasses are typically applied for drinking. Theoretically, there’s a glass for each beer style, but a tulip-shaped (wine) glass can be used for many.

A different major trend is usually to combine the correct craft beer with the suitable snack. An IPA fits instance extremely properly with spicy food or a pepperoni pizza. A sour beer goes nicely with fish or salad (comparable to white) in addition to a roasted Stout goes fantastic with a chocolaty dessert.